Below is our collection of short stories. You will find a mix of Fantasy and Sci-fi, more heavy on the Fantasy side. The stories will take you to far of worlds: a desolate mining facility orbiting a magnificent metropolis, the sanctuary of a spirit of the forest, or even to the set of one of your childhood favorite movies. 

All of these are short story length, so 7,500 words or less. Despite the length, they have heart and will carry you away to somewhere fun. Happy Reading!


The A List ~ 1,900 words

Brad Henley has been working in Hollywood for years, and has starred in several films you might have seen. But you would never know it was him.

Depths of Dvonia ~7,300 words

Armis has been trying to escape Dvonia’s cold, merciless mines for years. But when his opportunity comes to leave, will he be able to escape his own demons?

Featured on Bewildering Stories Issue 710

Seeds of the Dryad ~ 1,500 words

Uninvited guests can be a nuisance, after all a home is a sacred place. But some guests  just might become permanent residents.

Greek Tragedy ~ 4,200 words

What would you do if all you knew fell apart ? For Phosimo there is only one option, find out where the gods have gone.

Suppressed ~3,000 Words

An outbreak has been unleashed, the station is in disarray. Ardenia has trained for medical emergencies, but nothing would prepare her for this.