The Judgments Saga was born of countless hours around a table role playing. Seven months of our lives poured into characters that were fictitious, but real to us. After several years of talking about how great the story was, we decided to write it down before it was lost to just memories. That endeavor was another two years of our lives. Two years devoted to learning how to publish, crafting and polishing an enjoyable story. These characters were once us, but they have developed a life of their own on the page. It is a deeply personal story filled with adventure, danger, and a lot of heart.

The Adventure Begins...

Opportunity can arise in the midst of tragedy. Thrown together by terrible circumstances, a group of adventurers set aside their differences to travel across the lands of Tironde in search of an answer. One that will not only determine the course of their own lives, but potentially the fate of the entire world.

Filled the magic and monsters, sword fights and dungeon diving, this book pays homage to classic tabletop games and the thrill of adventure. Join these unlikely heroes: Krack, an idealistic druid seeking to experience the world with her tiger companion Sleet; Faenor, a mage whose arrogance is only matched by his thirst for greater power; Aku, the paladin dedicated to eradicating evil in the name of his goddess; and Vox, a young man on a journey of self-discovery that only seems to lead to more questions.

Together they survive sun scorched deserts harboring long forgotten secrets, ancient battlegrounds haunted by death, a blood soaked arena where the cheers of the crowd echo the screams of the fallen, and wild jungles filled with savage and terrifying creatures, all to face the greatest foe of all if they are judged to be worthy. DESTINY

Of Mages and Monsters (The Judgments Saga Book 1)
By Matthew Saddoris, Devin Novakovic

Where we last left off...

Chaos. Battle. Thunder.

Having finally reached the heart of the Savage Jungle, driven by an incorporeal voice and the promise of answers to their strange newfound powers, a group of unlikely allies are beset by seemingly unbeatable odds. Death looms until they are rescued by mysterious figures, whose presence begets even more questions.

But the promised knowledge comes at a price.

More peril awaits the party as they travel from the sweltering jungles of Doma Seire to the frozen forests of Neth Anore, ancient homeland of the Elves, seeking to protect it from the machinations of the legendary Spear of Ages and the chaos left in its wake.

Join our cast of adventurers - Krack, Faenor, Aku, and Vox - as they learn the secret of the Judgments, a mystery thousands of years in the making. Filled with spectacular magic and epic confrontations with monstrous foes, this book pays homage to classic tabletop games and the thrill of adventuring with friends.

Of Elves and Dragons (The Judgments Saga Book 2)
By Matthew Saddoris, Devin Novakovic