Character Bio: Aku

Our third character bio takes a look at Aku the Paladin, a man with a heart of gold and a will of steel. A relatively simple character on the surface, Aku's past is defined by tragedy which only served to forge him into the paragon of good that he is today.

Aku was born in the great city of Abbadon; the pinnacle of magical knowledge and home to countless wonders. The only child in a family of wealthy jewelers, Aku grew up surrounded by every luxury imaginable. His adolescent years were spent drinking, gambling, and womanizing; hardly a respectable lifestyle for one of his station. Even an arranged marriage to a young woman from a family of merchants did little to slow Aku's hedonistic tendencies. When he eventually joined the family business Aku used his new position and wealth to seek ever greater vices and experiences. That is until the night his wife and child perished in a fire that he accidentally started during a drunken moment. Filled with regret and self loathing, Aku wandered the streets of Abbadon until he collapsed sobbing at the foot of a statue. Looking up he found himself beneath a statue depicting Pravda, the Goddess of Justice and Righteous Vengeance. It was at that moment Aku knew what he must do as penance for the terrible acts that he had committed. Donating all of his wealth to the Church he joined Pravda's Legion, an order of Paladins tasked with seeking out and destroying evil wherever it exists. Over the next several years Aku learned the ways of war and dedicated himself completely to the teachings of Pravda. When he finally achieved the rank of Paladin, Aku was sent on the traditional pilgrimage to the mainland where he would spend the next year wandering the countryside defending the innocent from both monsters and those that had turned to evil ways. It was during this pilgrimage that he decided to join the Grand Caravan as a way to protect travelers and merchants across the world. Unbeknownst to Aku, he was about to embark on a quest that would test him, and his faith, in a way he could never imagine. 

You can read all about the adventures of Aku and the rest of the party in our first book, "Of Mages and Monsters," and the story will continue in our upcoming book, "Of Elves and Dragons." Hope you enjoy!