Character Bio: Krack

The second installment of character biographies will examine Krack, the compassionate and powerful heroine of our flagship book "Of Mages and Monsters." While we won't be revealing everything about her backstory I can shed some light on the woman, and tiger, who has saved the party time and time again. 

Krack was born into the Tiger Clan, one of the five clans of barbaric people who reside in the Beast Woods. Filled with large and dangerous creatures the only thing keeping the Clans alive are the Druids, caretakers of the forest and protectors of its inhabitants. From a young age Krack felt drawn to nature and soon began studying under the leader of the Druids, Forestmaster Orlaf. Years of training and preparation showed that Krack was an exceptional student, a fact that fed the ego of the young druid. When it came time for Krack to perform a ritual that would forge her connection to nature, she exceeded everyone's expectations by returning from the depths of the forest carrying a snow tiger cub. This cub, given the name Sleet, would become Krack's animal companion and with time her greatest friend. It is a great honor to be chosen to become a Druid, but for the forest to decide to gift a young druid with a companion that was also her Clan's totem was unheard of. Krack basked in the admiration of her Clan, believing wholeheartedly that she was destined for greatness. Little did she know that she was on a path that would lead her away from the forest she loved and into a destiny she never expected. 

Follow the adventures of Krack and Sleet as they travel through the lands of Tironde, hoping to unlock the secrets of the Judgments. "Of Mages and Monsters" is available on Amazon and Kindle so we hope that you will join us in the world we created and the characters we love.