Character Bio: Faenor

With our second book over halfway complete I thought it would be beneficial to reflect on the origins of our main characters and the events that molded their lives. So for your reading pleasure here is the origin of one our most popular characters. Faenor 

Born to unknown parents, Faenor was left at the door of the Mages College of Eros as a small child. The mages of the college adopted him and he spent his childhood as little better than a servant. It wasn't until a teenage Faenor accidentally set fire to some furniture using electricity that the mages realized he had magical potential and formally admitted him into the college. Within a few years Faenor quickly became the one of the best students at the College, outpacing the students he had once served. This meteoric rise fostered an arrogant attitude in the young mage and he soon began questioning the lessons of his teachers. Whereas the Mages preached caution and discipline in the use of magic Faenor delved into his power, constantly seeking more in order to show his superiority. Treating student and teacher alike with disdain Faenor made few friends but such things seemed trivial to the ambitious mage. The only subject Faenor never tired of hearing about was the presence of Blue Dragons in the nearby Azure Desert; he would listen eagerly to tales of the dragon's destructive capability, and mastery over electricity. Viewing them as the ultimate manifestation of power Faenor decided to leave college and seek out the dragons himself. He traveled the fringes of the Azure desert, investigating sites of dragon attacks and interviewing survivors hoping to learn more. As time passed with no success Faenor decided to join a caravan passing through the desert in hopes of finally achieving his goal of seeing a dragon.....

If you want to find out what happens next you'll have to pick of a copy of "Of Mages and Monsters" and follow the adventures of Faenor as he travels the world of Tironde. Thanks for reading and see you next time!